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Can I get refund cover for more money than the cost of the hospitality packages?

No, as per our Terms and Conditions, you can only protect the price of the hospitality packages that you have purchased.

Am I entitled to keep any refunds that are paid to me directly from the venue in the event of a cancellation?

When you detail the amount claimed in your refund application this amount should not include any refunds paid to you directly. In summary, you are only entitled to the full amount that you paid for your hospitality package or ticket purchase.

At what point during the sporting event am I entitled to a refund if the event is abandoned?

Abandonment or Abandoned means the inability to complete more than 50% of the Event once commenced.

Should I include the VAT element when I insure the total amount for the hospitality?

Yes, you are able to include the VAT element.

If I want to make a claim, how do I go about it?

Please submit a claim at you will be guided through the process and informed of any supporting documents you may need.

Once I have paid by credit card, what happens next?

You will receive an email confirming your cover and the refund application procedures.

If I am ill and unable to attend, what will I need to produce to prove it?

The claims department will need to find a way of confirming that you were ill and may well require a doctor’s certificate or proof of hospital treatment.

Is there a limit to how much protection I can take out on an event?

If you exceed any limits, then the system will stop you from going any further. Please email if you require refund protection which exceeds our standard limits and we can deal with your enquiry on an individual basis.

Are there any sporting events in the World that are not covered?

We believe we have covered most events with the inclusion of the indoor event option, however, if you have something that you don’t believe to be covered, please email and we can deal with your enquiry on an individual basis.

Please note that the points mentioned above are provided as a summary only. Full terms and conditions applying to each are clearly outlined in the full policy documentation.

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